About me

Hi, I’m Toni. I’m a twenty-something Jamaican-born, Londoner. I have a background in psychology and a deep interest in self improvement. I think there is always room for growth, and we never stop learning. I love travelling and like to get away whenever I get the chance, my favourite country I have visited so far is Sri Lanka! To find out a bit more about me, check out this article I wrote about being your true authentic self, unapologetically.

I started this site in June 2019 with a different vision in mind. It was meant to be the catalyst for a career in coaching, and who knows maybe one day that might happen. For now, it is a safe space for me to communicate and share myself with you. I talk about personal development, holistic wellness, travel and much more. I want to create a community, and that is only possible by being open. Which is why I always try and incorporate my own experiences within whatever I write because I believe it is important to be transparent to show that we are not alone in what we endure.

I love receiving feedback on what I write, so please let me know if anything resonates with you or if you would like to talk more in detail about something I wrote.

Remember: be yourself, but braver.

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